Larcan Lagotto

The Italian Truffle Dog

Health, Temperament, Type and Talent

Interested in the breed Standard? Visit The Lagotto Romagnolo Club of America's website


The Lagotto Romagnolo is a medium sized dog with a dense curly coat that is considered low to non shedding. Although often considered a hypoallergenic coat we always recommend spending time with the breed to confirm this applies to your health situation.  We are committed to breeding for a happy healthy dog that can be a fabulous family member. We believe in health testing all of our breeding dogs and only including those dogs that are of proper type for the breed standard and have a solid temperament. We have bred champions in tracking, conformation and Rally, service dogs, truffle hunters and fabulous family pets.  We also have the #1 Lagotto for the AKC Certificate of Merit awarded for the 2 years prior to full AKC recognition. And recently received Winners Dog for one of our Bred By boys at the National Speciality.